Friday, April 10, 2015

small (floral) things

Look away now if you're not a floral lover. Here is a small retrospective of my flowery world over the last few weeks. It is perhaps a little worrying that I so obviously spend a disproportionate amount of time faffing around with flowers. And these images don't take into account the time also spent fretting and fussing over them before they make it anywhere near a vase or vintage bottle or jar.

But suffice to say, after a slow and wobbly start, the dahlias have been beautiful. I literally chopped some plants off at the ground when that spider mite reared its ugly little head again, and this, along with watering from above, I think, saved the day. They've been valiantly blooming ever since. And I've also made room in the garden for some lovely hydrangeas, and an increasingly growing collection of salvias. Just to prove I'm no one-trick-pony!! Just someone easily obsessed!

'a multitude of small delights
constitutes happiness'
         c. baudelaire

dahlias and flowers via small acorns blog

dahlias and flowers via small acorns blog
dahlias and flowers via small acorns blog
dahlias and flowers via small acorns blog

While I'm at it - apologies for the rubbish blogging. I have a multitude of excuses, most of them work or study related and not remotely interesting. But I also have some new blog excitement in the pipeline. Hang in there, all will hopefully soon be revealed.

In the meantime, enjoy the floral loveliness!
Happy days.
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

a bit on the side ~ bedside tables

Oh my goodness, it is pouring with rain here today. It seems so long since we've had rain I've almost forgotten what it is like. The gardens everywhere will be lapping it up that's for sure, and it's a good excuse to stay inside and catch up with the blog world while trying to ignore the sounds of Eva creating havoc in the kitchen in the pursuit of a chocolate sponge roll.

It seems that if ever there is one piece of furniture that my clients are often searching for, it is a bedside table. Where can you find a nice one? It can be something of a quest. There certainly are a number of awfully chunky, predictably ordinary (and ugly) ones around. Personally, I cannot bring myself to spend money on something that, even though it may fulfill a purpose, is at best, cheaply made and nasty.  I'd rather look at furniture or items that may never have been intended for use as a bedside table, but just happen to look great and fulfill a new role beside the bed admirably at the same time. Give me an old wooden crate any day over an ugly, dime a dozen bedside table - at least aesthetically, it's usually more pleasing! When you are open to using atypical pieces in unexpected ways, suddenly there are hundreds of potential bedside ideas, and they don't have to break the bank either.

alternative bedside table ideas via small acorns blog

alternative bedside table ideas via small acorns blog
So long as it's steady and the right height, old chairs and stools make great bedside companions.
Bentwood chairs, old wooden school chairs, tolix stools - all work well. And you can usually find single, orphaned chairs and stools quite easily. This chippy yellow chair is Indian, and, to be honest, could be a little on the fragile side if subjected to too much weight, so it is ideal repurposed beside the bed!
alternative bedside table ideas via small acorns blog

alternative bedside table ideas via small acorns blog

These chippy old army stools are currently available at Small Acorns. Yes, I'd suggest that they've had several past lives, and to me that is part of the charm of a vintage piece, but they are also strong and steady, and the actual seat is the perfect size for use beside the bed. Plenty of room for flowers, books, and a reading light - the bedside essentials.

Sometimes you come across special old pieces that you just have to have, even if at the time, you have no idea where it will go, or what it will hold. This was definitely the case for me when I stumbled upon these amazing old drawers, complete with their old labels. At the beach, the girls use them to store all their not-so-secret secret stuff. Definitely not designed as a bedside table, but absolutely perfect in the role.

alternative bedside table ideas via small acorns blog

alternative bedside table ideas via small acorns blog

Folding metal cafe tables - both the round shape and the height make them great as bedside tables. I love the change of shape which contrasts beautifully with the rectangular bed and the lines of the room. Cluster a little bedside vignette of lamp, treasures and flowers on top, and the result is both pretty and practical.

Personally I love mismatched bedside tables in a bedroom. I think by mixing rather than matching, the result is a more eclectic, unique look and a little bit of whimsy will keep everything from looking too uptight and prescriptive. Decorating that is just a little unpredictable, and therefore so much more visually exciting. Nothing matches, and yet it all goes together in a perfectly imperfect mismatched kind of way.

Amanda xx

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

it has been a while...

Blogging has been in the back seat. I know that 'slow blogging' is supposedly a bit of a trend at the moment, but I don't think that one post in 6 weeks is quite what the experts mean by that term. I think it's meant to be about quality over quantity, not nothing at all.

And even now, this isn't a proper blog post. I'm literally popping in because even my mother is telling me that the lack of a blog post is embarassing (for her, not me), and because she is coming to visit tomorrow, at least this way I can honestly say that I've posted something!

And where have I been? Well, definitely not 'pottering along at the beach' as that last ancient blog post implies. And no, I haven't been anywhere else either. I've really just had my head well and truly down for the last few weeks. Truth be told I'm planning a new blog - switching this one to a new platform, with a new name, and some quality slow blogging. I'm really excited about it, and just a little frustrated that, despite my good intentions, and the good intentions of those helping me with it, it is taking a little longer than expected to pull together. As I tell my clients when I unfortunately, can't produce their curtains overnight, good things take time. I'll keep telling myself that, and in the meantime, get back to posting as usual before I have absolutely no readers whatsoever left, except, hopefully, my mother! And she will say it's the only way she knows I'm still alive!

dahlias, sweet peas and pansies via small acorns blog

And, I've been doing some study - getting to grips with a new camera and an online photography course or two. My first DSLR camera, so I've been nervously and excitedly playing with this. I've decided that the camera takes truly beautiful pictures. But that perhaps the photographer has a long way to go! But look at this beautiful colour... I'm quite besotted with a little green at the moment.

green vintage book vignette via small acorns blog

If I tell you I've also been studying the world of digital marketing you have every right to laugh at me and the bad blogging example I'm setting. But I'll counter your argument, and just say, that I'm learning a lot, but there is a lot to learn!

Beautiful garden snippings, including just one little dahlia to whet your appetite.

More on those treasures next week.

Amanda xx

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